Hello from Azik


I’m Aziks, excited to have joined ADI. Sinjo and Dakamer referenced me to the org. I’m a Network / Systems engieer in my real life and usually work alot during the week. Most of my free time is on the weekend, and I love to relax by flying through the Universe of Star Citizen. I look forward to having fun with you guys and being part of a group once more.



Hey Aziks. Welcome to ADI. Glad to have you with us.

Welcome to ADI, glad you have a friend here already! Hope to see you arounbd the verse on the weekends!

Welcome Azik
Think you will like it here in ADI good oeg and good people need any thing just ask

Aziks, welcome to ADI. SC expands so much when involved with a group of dedicated players and that’s what you have joined. Look forward to flying with you soon.

Welcome to ADI Aziks. You’ll see, ADI is a great org with lots to do. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome Azik! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home. What ships are you currently flying and area of gameplay that interests you the most? Hope to see you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI, Azik!
Feel free to ask us any questions. I Look forward to flying with you soon

Welcome Aziks! I’ll look forward to seeing you around on the weekends! What ships do you have? Let me know if you have any questions about flying or getting around!

Welcome to ADI Aziks :slight_smile:

Nice talking with you in the onboarding.

See you in the Verse!

Hey Azik! Welcome to ADI. Never forget real life comes first, I have the same problem, but my time in game has been dramatically enhanced by being a part of ADI. Looking forward to seeing you around!

Welcome to ADI Azik. We are happy to have you with us and look forward to flying with you and many other of our weekend warriors. See you in the verse.

Hey there Aziks! I am very happy to see that you have decided to make ADI your new home! I hope to fly with you again, real soon. See you in game, bro!

Aziks! Glad to see you with ADI! I look forward to flying with you out there again!!!

Welcome to ADI man, cant wait till i see you in the verse

Welcome aboard Aziks :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Aziks, weekends are the best time to play to be honest and you’ll find that’s when we do our most enjoyable activities such as ops and races, I look forward to seeing you in the 'verse!

Welcome aboard to ADI Azik! A lot of us Systems, Network, Computer Security engineers (and former Military) so we all know and feel your pain. What ships do you have and do you have a career focus? If you have any questions, please feel to ask here, Discord, or Mumble. Hope to see you soon in the Verse!

Hey Aziks,

Welcome to the Org. I work in a related field with a more spread out network. So yeah I know about being busy during the week. Let me know if you need a Wingman.