Hello from AniMayhemZ


I am new both Star Citizen and ADI looking forward to building a great well respected org. come launch. I am starting with the Trade & Commerce Team but will move around as learn the game and expand my ship pool.

I am older game or typical PC gamer he cut his teeth in Starcraft, Doom II era of PC gaming the 90’s. To date myself I know what a 9600 baud modem sounds like. No ego no drama.

Thanks for letting me join. See you in the versa.

  • AniMayhemZ (or Mayhem for short)

Mayhem! It was great to meet you on mumble. Thanks for signing up to ADI. I hope that you like Star Citizen and I look forward to continuing to build ADI with you. Trade and Commerce is a great spot to start. If you ever need a wingman let me know.

See you in the 'verse.


Are you verse at all in the business, and trade in star citizen? No? Neither am I. It’s still to early for how that will be played out on release.
WELCOME to ADI and hope you find yourself entertained in our wonderful org.

I only began gaming honestly ten years ago, but I was a kid back then. Simulation is mostly what I am currently doing.

Feel free to chat with us in mumble from time to time.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries AniMayhemZ!

Great to have another space trucker onboard, I look forward to running some convoys with you!

Greetings AniMayhemZ, glad to have you onboard with us! Gotta say, the song “Convoy” got stuck in my head as I was writing this, and you’re welcome, glad to share! Identifying trade routes during each of these patch updates does get tedious, but great to have the info and pass along on mumble. Hope to see you in the ‘verse’