Hello Fleet Security!

Hello All Pilots, Combat Crewman, Marines, and Mission Essential Personnel,

First I want to apologize for my long time absence, but I am back and officially retired. With this I have many updates that you may or may not be aware of. To start, as soon as Star Citizen can run multi-player as stable as possible we will start conducting flight checks via Instructor Pilots, FS Capital Fleet Lead,and FS Commander Air Group or CAG for short. As we shift towards training, we need to utilize brevity codes such as “playtime” or “winchester.” If you have a problem finding these codes contact myself or your team leads. As of right now I have the FS meeting penciled in on November 4th with Leadership at 1700 CDT and everyone else at 1800 CDT. With that, if you cannot attend contact myself or your team leads and we will figure something out for you. If you would like to be an Instructor Pilot or IP contact me and I can work with you to meet the prerequisites. Thanks y’all, thats all I have for right now! Have an outstanding day.

Link to the Brevity we’re using: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=498