Hello :D

Hello ADI,

i am new in the crew. My name is Blizzarder an i will join the Mission Support Service with my Anvil Crucible.

short about me:

i am male, 18 years old and from Germany.

i hope we will have a good time :smiley:


Hello Blizzarder,

It was nice to onboarding you. I m glad you join us and if you have any questions left about ADI or the game, feel free to come anytime in discord or mumble. We will be glad to help you. Of course, you can join us by a flying mission or whatsever happening in the game or our supported games.

See you soon around here and the verse.

Welcome, Blizzarder! A crucible is a pretty heavy investment and you are definitely in the right spot with MSS. Join us in Star Citizen on mumble and discord. You will also find members playing lots of other stuff. Again, welcome to ADI!

Welcome Blizzarder to ADI. Crucible is a nice ship once it comes out. Hope you and the rest of people who own them are ready to help out. A small fleet of them can keep us going forever i think.

Welcome to ADI Blizzarder

Welcome to ADI Blizzarder! Bless the MSS, the Crucible looks like a very lucrative ship, im planning on getting the Vulcan during the sale. Hope to see you around

Hello Blizzarder,
Glad you’ve chosen to join us. Welcome to ADI!

Hey Blizzarder :slight_smile:

Nice to have you in Mission Support Service. I am a SAR pilot there myself.

Welcome Blizzarder, Nice to have some more people in MSS! Hope you’ll ike it here!

Welcome to ADI, Blizzarder!

Great to have more Mission Support operatives! Look forward to flying with you in game!

Hello Blizzarder glad to have you on board with us and welcome to ADI =D