Hello Atlas!

New ADI Recruit reporting.

It looks like I made a mistake. I was following the Join ADI instructions Step 3 says to make sure my ADI forum account name matches my RSI handle and moniker. Step 4 says to create an account on the forum THEN read the Application Instructions here. Well, as I was trying to create my forum account, it would not allow special characters (a “space”) to use both my moniker and handle. So I created this account with just my moniker. Now the Application Instructions say I should have used my handle, not my moniker. I am now unable to change my username to my handle and cannot create a new account using my handle since my e-mail is already registered.

Sorry for the confusion. Please advise if my moniker is OK to use for my username here or what I should do.

Thank you! I’m excited to join such a big, seemingly well organized team. Thank you for sending me the invite!

Hey JarGon,

Glad to have you as a recruit. Best way to work out the naming challenges is to join us on Mumble for onboarding and we can figure it out there. Definitely need all names to match 100%.

Appreciate the feedback and welcome!