Hello all!

Wow its good to see the ADI community is still thriving. I just looked at my account info and I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I’ve been a member. when I first got into Star Citizen there really wasn’t much to it but it seems now there is actually a solid bit of content to explore. If I recall correctly I think I was a member of the exploration branch, but if I get online it won’t surprise me if I am no longer a part of ADI since it’s been so long since I’ve been online.

In any case at leas ti cans til say hello on the forums.
Everything is updating now so I’ll likely be in game tomorrow.


Hey Affili, glad to have you here.

I’m relatively new myself, only recently buying the game since it does finally now have content since I first heard about it years ago, though stability is another issue haha (seriously looking forward to the object streaming in 3.3).

I’m curious, I hear a lot about how much this org has grown, so since you first showed up here how different does it seem now with its structure and all compared to what you remember? Feel free to also reach out if you need any help getting into Mumble and Discord (Mumble setup instructions).

C’ya around,

Well just the fact that the forums are still active after 2 years speaks volumes. sadly I wasn’t involved in the community for very long so I really didn’t have a chance to get to know many people and I doubt anyone even remembers me! hopefully I’ll be sticking around for a while now but I’m working two jobs right now so I don’t have a ton of free time

Welcome to ADI, Yeah the game is coming along. I am really enjoying my time. Feel free to jump in too mumble and look me up i am always down to fly.

Always cool to see folks come back after a time away.

The game and ADI both have likely changed a lot since you were last here. Hopping on mumble is definitely the best way to catch up; let me know if you need a copilot or a wingman!

Welcome back, Affili! It looks like your membership was never removed so from what I can tell you have been a member all along. The org has definitely grown along with the game. Hop on and play with us on mumble. There is usually something going on and with 3.1 we are seeing more people joining or coming back to the game. See you around!

Welcome back!

Welcome back Affili.

A lot can change (and probably has) in two years. but we don’t kick members just for inactivity. That being said we are happy you are looking back at SC. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Hey Affili,

Hey did you change your name? I think I was just talking to you on mumble last night.

Welcome back to ADI, we’re happy to see you in the verse.

If you’d like a crew member, someone to play star marine or arena commander with send me a message.