hello ADI!

Hi, my name’s mhek on this portion of the forum and I just wanted to introduce myself, as is this will be my short hello and shout out to the RSI peeps here. hi!

Hello mhek, welcome to ADI, I’m sure you will find yourself welcome here in ADI, see you on in the 'verse!

Hi mhek!

Welcome to ADI! Looking forward to meeting you, are you going to join us for flight night tonight? If you’re looking to get to know everyone a bit better definitely hop on Mumble when you’re on and say hi on Discord :slight_smile: Don’t feel shy about just joining in!


Welcome to ADI. What division are you interested in. Might see you tonight.

Hello Mhek and welcome to ADI forums!

Hey Mhek! Welcome to the family!

Hello mhek,

welcome to ADI. If you have any questions or need help, call us here or better in mumble and discord. Feel free to check our upcoming events in the calendar.

See you around here and the verse.

Welcome @mhek,

thanks for your interest in ADI…we’re glad to have you aboard!

Be sure to take some time to get settled in, and continue to hop on Mumble in order to become a little more familiarized with some of the many members we have…doing this will help you on in the long run, especially with us moving closer and closer to the SC 3.0 release. In the meantime, Notuh briefly mentioned our ADI hosted Friday night flight night, hopefully you were able to partake last night, and if not, be sure to check those out, we offer both US as well as EU based gatherings, which you’re welcome to either, or both. You can also hang out with folks in some of the more active games such as ARK, ARMA, PUBG and or BF1 until the release of 3.0. :smiley:

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions, and once again welcome to the ADI family!

Hi Mhek,

Thanks for the post. Greetings to you and hopefully I’ll see you around in the community.

thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Hey mhek,
Welcome to ADI! If you ever need a wingman in the verse let me know. Short bios are great if you see me on mumble I’d love to talk to you.

Talk soon,