Hello ADI ;-)

Greetings!!! I’m gladly a new 42 year old Member to ADI and thank you for the invite. I’ve been a long time Gamer (15 years) and since the early days of SWG etc. The list is too long for this post, but I do intend to become a valued Member, and hopefully serve well. In my friendly, comedic, jovial way.

Thanks again! :smiley:

PlayNaked (Nate)

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries PlayNaked!

It was good getting to talk to you, look forward to seeing you in the verse!

Glad to be here :wink: Work tomorrow so I gotta log But I will be on often. :wink:

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the family Nate

Make sure you come and say hi on Mumble.
Looking forward to meeting you.

Greetings from Switzerland

Hey there Nate, welcome to the AD family - it’s great to have you joining us.

It looks like you’ve already done your onboarding - where I am sure most of your questions were answered - however, if you find you have any questions about the org or its policies, dont hesitate to hit me up or reach out to any of the team leads here at ADI. Any one of us should be able to help you out pretty quickly.

Other than that, welcome again and I look forward to gaming with you!

Hello PlayNaked, welcome to the family. Check out the calendar to see upcoming events like the Flight Nights on Fridays! I look forward to getting to know you and fly with you in the 'verse.

Glad to see you around play!

Hello PlayNaked,

welcome on board. Nice to see you here by ADI.
I hope you will have fun with our differents events, specially on the weekend. So please dont forget to check our calendar and feel free to ask your questions around here, discord and mumble.

Beware of the cat and get your cookies with coffee.
Beer only on friday.

See you around the bar and the verse.