Hello ADI.


Just signed up… I got invited to several other organisations before I even realised they were a thing yet, then I had a look into which ones I really wanted to join. I have been a member of MilSim groups on Arma before and I was not a fan of how much time they required you to spend on the game each week. Rule number 3 appeals to me a lot, especially with my job, as some weeks I can’t guarantee I’ll even make it online.

I’ve never really played much in the way of space sims (sci fi RPG? Not sure what genre this game even fits into, though I am old enough to remember the original elite on the Amstrad 464!) and I only backed Star Citizen recently but I have been in awe of Alpha 2.5 ever since I climbed out of the bed that first time… I absolutely cannot wait for 2.6 and 3.0. In the two weeks I have had it I have already upgraded from the Mustang to the Aurora LN, to the 315 to my present ship, the 325a… And I am definitely not stopping there… If only I didn’t have to wait until the end of the month to get paid! I’m currently practicing my flying skills with two T16000M joysticks and I am ready to burn every spare minute I get flying for this organisation!

As for my role in the organisation, I definitely see it being in the exploration and survey side of things. I could see myself as a drop ship pilot too… But exploration is definitely where I want to go.

Welcome Eyeless. When you get a chance hop on mumble and we can start your onboarding.

Hey EyelessPilot, love your post.

Yea, real life comes first. We value your contribution when you do participate and we want to be very upfront about what ADI is all about. We think we have a good balance between setting a quality standard while also allowing you to decide how much time you want to use to play the game and what type of gamplay that you will enjoy (except for piracy then, as I am sure you have already found out).

Good to have you with us. Looking forward to get to know you better and fly with you, hopefully sometime during the upcoming holidays. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the family Eyeless!

You will find quite a few Arma veterans here, many of whom have a number of rather funny anecdotes regarding the “try-hard” Arma groups we’ve seen. Definitely a good topic o’conversation.

I can tell you that the 2.6 PTU is pretty fun, stability issues aside. Exploration will certainly be fun but as one of the ADI Marines, I absolutely love the sound of having more dropship pilots. Call me biased! :slight_smile:

Anyways I look forward to seeing you on Mumble!

Welcome to ADI, EyelessPilot! As Nordic said, we have plenty of Arma players here, so you’re in good company.

Welcome EyelessPilot.

We definitely have the Arma / Milsim thing covered. Did you sign up as marines?

Welcome EyelessPilot!

Happy Holidays, and thank you for your interest in ADI! Glad to know we stood out well among some of the other org’s you were eyeing. It sounds like your having fun with those ship upgrades :smiley: Don’t forget that all ships will be available when the game hits full release…don’t want you going bankrupt before then :laughing:

Hopefully you can make our Friday night flight nights in order to learn a little of how ADI works together. And once 2.6 and 3.0 drops things will really start getting a lot more interesting than they already are! :smiley: Until then, continue to hop on our Mumble server in order to familiarize yourself with a few of our many members…that will help you in the long run with getting to know a few people. Finally, be sure to check out some of the other games that ADI supports, such as CoD and ARK.

Let us know if you have any other questions, and once again, welcome to the ADI family!


Hey Eyeless!

Welcome to ADI. Don’t worry at all about having dropouts in your play time. Even those of us who have been around for a while have had spells where we don’t make it on to play. That’s why Rule 3 is so important.

Looks like you’ve wasted no time getting acclimated in the 'verse, which is never a bad thing. Hope you like your dual stick setup-- I just bought a T16000 myself, but went with the HOTAS setup.

Anyway, hope to meet you on Mumble soon and hope to see you in the 'verse.

Good to have more tactically experienced members! Welcome to the org!

Thanks for the warm welcome, in answer to your questions, I put myself down for exploration and surveying. I have no real interest in the FPS and dog fighting side of the game, I’ve spent most of my adult life in the military so that sort of thing feels too much like work! That’s one of the reasons I left the Arma Milsim scene (I was 6th Airborne, A/1/3, AR gunner) Although I understand we can perform secondary roles so, if I have the time, I will no doubt try others at some point… Dropping Marines and performing CasEvac runs would be my next preference when that time comes.

I’m struggling with the dual sticks, so I may change to a HOTAS next month… The sticks work much better in Elite (I bought it the other day just to get my space fix) than they do in Star Citizen; Star Citizens physics model have a lot to do with that, or so I have been told.

Last night I got to help crew a Constellation Andromeda. It was amazing, I have made it my aim to own a Constellation Aquila and eventually run a 5 man exploration crew…

Hiya EyelessPilot! Welcome aboard :slight_smile: