Hello ADI community

Been in RSI since 2016 wanted to support the company, just really getting started now in game play… been a flightsim pilot from the early days … so I want to learn to fly different spaceships , but will need a little hands to steer me in the right direction … Just so excited to be part of the game , and looking forward to meeting new faces… happy to be part of thy ADI community … CaptVega

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Welcome to ADI, and also thank you for supporting the project, we’re all excited to see it come to fruition!

Hi CaptVega, welc0ome to ADi. What ships do you have to put that experience to use? Hopefully I’ll see you in mumble.

Howdy there!

I know we spoke a little during onboarding, happy to have you in the org!
Rest assured, you will have plenty of folks here to get you up to snuff on dogfighting.

See you around!

Hi CaptVega. Welcome aboard! Great to have another SC supporter onboard. Let us know if you have any questions. See you in the verse!

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Welcome to ADI @CaptVega!

Happy to have you as part of the Org. If you need any help just ask. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

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Welcome to ADI CaptVega. I’m glad you joined the team. Try your hand at ADI’s mass org ops when you have the chance.

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Welcome to ADI, @CaptVega. Hope to see you around the Verse. When you mention learning to fly different ships which type are you most interested in? Capitol, fighters, Cargo… ?

Welcome to ADI. The best fighter in the game is highly contested. The Avenger Titan is a great starter ship. But maneuverability could be better. The Arrow and Gladius are great light fighters. If you want a fighter with an interior, like the Titan, I recommend the 325a. Also be sure to check out box flying sessions on the forum. They help you practice flying in close formations. I hope to see you on Mumble. Tack care.

Thanks Drakesteel,

I will definitely been exploring all options … I will find the perfect fit , so much to explore…

Take care

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Thanks Draaz3n,

Looking forward to exploring …


Hi FatHeadZebra,

Thank for your help… see you in the game soon…!!

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Welcome to ADI! We are happy to help you out with learning anything you want to learn. Just ask when in mumble and everyone there will give you a hand :slight_smile: Fortunately, most of the ships do handle similar to aircraft in other games, so your past experience will help. And we will happily bring out ships you want to play with but don’t own so you can try them out :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

No worries mate, next time you’re on we’ll get someone to pop in another can’t with you and can take you through the control’s. You were really thrown into the deep end last night :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to ADI! Sounds like you are still getting settled into the game but feel free to ask for any and all help ya need.

Welcome to ADI @CaptVega! It sounds like you came to the right place! We’re a great community full of experienced pilots that can help you learn to fly better, just hop in mumble and ask. I’d be happy to fly with you whenever you catch me online. Also, take a look at the calendar for flying boxes training that will help you learn to fly better and give you a good rundown on how we fly together as well. See you in the verse!

You’ve certainly come to the right place! We always encourage new arrivals to ask questions or for help in areas they want to learn more about be it here on the forums or in either the mumble and discord servers. Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Vega and if you need help just yell!

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