Hei from Korholio

Hello. Just a norwegian looking to play some Star Citizen and have some fun. And blast some space pirates.

Welcome to ADI Korholio :slight_smile:

It is always nice you have new guys joining especialy vikings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was nice talking to you in the lobby and I hope L3oz was nice to you in the onboarding.
You already have some friends in ADI but you will soon have a lot more as people are really nice and helpfull.
So just hop on Mumble and Discord and you will find people to fly with.

See you in the Verse.

hey there glad to have you on board. protecting pilots from space pirates is going to be my favorite part of starcitzen cant wait to get into the verse with you . welcome to the org

Welcome Korholio - blasting space pirates is fun, what ships do you have to do said blasting in? I’m partial to the sabre myself. Glad to have you in ADI.

Welcome and GET YOU SOME!

hey there welcome to ADI glad to have you on board. what ships do you have? i prefer the fighters personally

Hello Korholio,

Thanks for your patience in the onboarding. It was nice talking with you and I hope to see you soon with us in discord, mumble and in the verse. Feel free to ask when you need infos or help.

See you drinking a beer at the bar somewhere in the verse.

Welcome to the team Korholio. I think this ride is going to be great one. I’m a survey scout. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome to ADI Korholio, glad to have you onboard and lets blase these space pirates in the verse :smiley:

Welcome to the party, Korholio! Glad you decided to set down roots with us. We definitely like to take out some space pirates. See you around!

Welcome to the team Korholio, if you find a good fleet of pirates, give us a shout and we will be glad to help ya blast 'em.

Hello Korholio,

Welcome to ADI! I'm glad you chosen to join us, SC is much more fun with a group. I'm always willing to help blast some space pirates. Hope to see you around!

If pirate hunting is a draw for you then Jumptown’s usually a good spot to clear out the more seedy elements of the star citizen community lol Welcome to the Org and feel free to ask anything from shooting the breeze to backup for dealing with said pirates.

Welcome to the Org, Korholio! I take it you will be joining Fleet Security for said blasting? Look forward to flying with you in game!

Welcome to ADI Korholio! I’m actually going to your country next summer for vacation! haha

Looking foward to seeing you around the verse!

Welcome to the org, Korholio! We can always use skilled pilots to keep our non-combat ships safe.

The only good pirate… is a dead pirate!

See you in the 'Verse!

Greetings and welcome!