Hayabusa777 Introduction

Hello. I am Hayabusa777. My friend JimSox invited me to this org. Him and i were origionally part of a smaller org CSG-3. the org was aroud 300 players at the time. I love the team gameplay of star citizen that is why i focused on multicrew ships. During my time i started under JimSox in the scout and exploration squad. then I was moved to Battlefleet and was put in charge of an Org capital (hammerhead loaner). I really enjoyed the organized play and look forward to getting to know you guys!


Welcome!!! big ship gameplay is awesome!

Welcome Hayabusa777! Look forward to running some Ops with you

Hayabusa had me coin the term, “Coming in Haya Hot!” due to his piloting skills. I am so glad he is here! Welcome bro!!!

Welcome @Hayabusa777 make sure you check the ops channel and calendar on the site. We have frequent org ops and lots of opportunities to pilot multicrew ships.

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI, Hayabusa! I’m glad you joined the team!

Welcome to ADI Hayabusa,
Super stoked to have you onboard, hmu whenever you see me on and we’ll crew some big ships!

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI Hayabusa777. I’m glad you joined the team.

Welcome Hyabusa777 to ADI! I like mutlicrew ships as well and have a Gladiator, Sentinel, MSR and a Carrack. Hopefully we can zoom around the verse in on of them soon.

Whats up Hayabusa777,
boy do we have org ops here. I my self have a hammer head and would love to gun/pilot with you. Hit me up!

Ohhh Snap! Jim’s bringing his buddies onboard! :smiley:
Hayabusa, can’t wait to behold your “Coming in Haya Hot” and get to meet you. So far rolling with JimSox was a blast, so I’ll look out for you on Mumble!
See you around o7

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Welcome to ADI! Be glad to crew / gunner for you. Hope to see you around the verse!