Has the font size on the calendar and some other landing pages of this site changed?

I now need a magnifying glass to read our calendar and the drop down menus of the home screen. Is it a change at your end or have done something incrediably stupid at my end :slight_smile:

I think it is something on your end. Everything looks the same as always on my end.

No changes I’ve seen

How odd, Maybe it’s because I’m using the beta of Edge Chrome - some pages are rendering fine, like the Forum but the home page and the calendar page are in minute text size.

CTRL+ will create the size on a single website… CTRL- will decrease the size of the text.

Chrome remembers your text size setting for an entire site… so if you accidentally decreased the font size once, it will stay small. Either way just use CTRL+ to increase the size to what you can read and it should stick.

Ah - Spot on - thanks :smile:

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