hanger log in

Hello everyone…

For the hanger download and install. I have it downloaded and have already uninstalled and downloaded 2 times…

when I log in and it tells me ready to launch I click it brings up new window and than tells me connection error cannot connect…

anyone else have this problem?

I haven’t had that problem, but I haven’t tried to log into the hangar today yet… I will this afternoon and tell you if it works or not.

If I try at the office I get a black screen and an unsupported video card error :stuck_out_tongue: Needless to say, I don’t “game” at the office. I haven’t had the problem at the house, but I’ll also try again tonight. There hasn’t been a patch in over a month, so I wouldn’t imagine anything on my end has changed.

Ok I just checked, I’m able to login no problem.

yea i dont know whats going on… i just downloaded it for the first time yesterday

What video card do you have in your computer?

Gtx 660

Should be fine with that card. It must be an account issue.

I’d recommend messaging CIG.