As some of you may know the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 will be releasing soon. If you guys would be interested in making a crew let me know and I’ll make it.

My pre-load should be done by release. Definitely would love to play some GTAV with you guys. Can’t wait!

EDIT: Of course, you might not want me around. I tend to be a bit of a destructive (read pyromaniac) person in GTA…

Full price ($60) for a port of a two year old console game? No thanks. :open_mouth:

Never was a fan of those games anyway though, so I’m sure it’ll be great for what it is.

I checked out the PS4 version via GameFly.

Just didn’t like it that much.

I hope you guys have fun.

So, for my time zone, GTA V is live now. I have looks at download progress seven hours to go. :unamused:

Decided to buy it because i heard it was a good port!

Still waiting for someone to gift me a version

Looks like someone made one THX :smiley: link for the lazy:

Had a lot of fun yesterday with y’all. Hope to hop on later after I get home. On a side note, if you see someone in a jet, run, just run, man. (Same applies to firetrucks.)

Just an FYI the Game is a stellar standalone production and runs fantastically. If you were holding of because of performance worry no more :smiley:.

I requested an invite for the Crew under the name of Nortfor (Nortie oddly enough seems to be taken already…)-