Grim Hex and NVIDIA 418.81 Drivers


I was crashing at Grim Hex after loading NVIDIA 418.81 drivers on an RTX-2070 card. I downgraded back to 417.71 and I am no longer crashing.

This is just an FYI.


Thanks for the heads up. I was about to upgrade the drivers on my GTX-980. I think I’ll wait.

I have been having issues outside of Star Citizen with version 418.81 and the version prior to it. Most of the issues have been related to website draw and started happening immediately after upgrading to the version that was released 1-2 days prior to the current 418.81 build. Seems like they messed something up, hopefully they fix it soon as the issues I have been seeing are annoying.

I had to roll back my Nvidia drivers a couple weeks ago also. Was getting some screen flickering with the new drivers that didn’t happen with the earlier drivers.

FYI … I received the same issue with the 419 drivers but only in Grim Hex. Waiting for PU 3.5 to drop before trying to upgrade drivers again.

Had the same problem.

For me the solution was to go back to the nVidia Driver datet 12.12.2018 (version 417.35).
Each newer driver caused the same problem.

Mayhap that helps :slight_smile:


I am happy to report that NVIDIA 419.35 (3/5/2019) drivers work, no DTDs as of yet. At least at Grim Hex like the two previous releases.

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1080 a8g. Work fine with updated drivers. SLI still the occasional usual flickering of lights and sky on planets.

I am waiting for 3.5 to go live before upgrading to 419.67.