Greywall Boot

G’day members. Requesting membership in your organization, for service within Star Citizen.

Hello Greywall and welcome to our forums. What kinds of gameplay are you looking to do in SC?

Here is the link detailing out application process:

That will take you through everything you need! If you have any questions about the process, ADI, or SC in general don’t hesitate to make them known. Welcome!

Fantastic! Check out the Join ADI link above and make sure you line all your names up to one another so we can discuss further and see about getting you moving forward in our process. Have fun in the Verse!

Hey Greywall! It’s great you are showing interest in our org! like the others said, if you haven’t already, just follow the link posted above to go through our application process, and if you have any questions along the way, don’t be afraid to ask! Everyone is very friendly here! We don’t bite, though maybe I should speak for myself there! Haha! Hope to see you in the verse!

Also looking for good members. Welcome aboard to ADI.

Welcome to ADI Greywall you have found a great place to play Star Citizen if you have any questions send me a message I will see you around

Hi Greywall Boot,

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! Glad to have you onboard and looking forward flying with you! Catch you soon on mumble.

Bye changenl