Hello everyone. I’m Masnov and am happy to have this opportunity to be in the company of like minded individuals. My main goal in Star Citizen is to be the best doctor possible. I think it’s important to know all aspects of the medical field; from combat medic to performing brain surgery. If they let us anyways. I have an affinity for Origin ships and plan to own one of each tier. It would be a lot of fun to have my own mansion somewhere as well. I can do most any job, so if it comes down to it; I can fly, shoot, and make emergency avionic repairs. But all I really want to do is stitch people up :wink: Well looking forward to running the verse with you all as a Mission Support Specialist. Safe Sorties

Welcome to ADI

Greetings Masnov, I’ll drop off patients as needed!! Or take you in the fray if needed, lol. Welcome to the family, and see you in the ‘verse’

Welcome to ADI Masnov. With the number of times I got shot in this game I think I’m going to see you quite often :smiley:

Hey thanks in advance for the patients @Fizbane2112. I need lots of them to improve my skill and reputation. And what better way to afford all of the Origin line. I plan on knowing all the ins and outs of the medical field, so pulling your shot up behind out of clear and present danger, and nailing you with a fun concoction of medicine is right up my alley @TheSpaceCoder

Welcome Masnov. We will definitely need people like you when things get interesting out there. Best of luck to you in keeping the rest of us alive.

Welcome to ADI. The medical field sounds like a great career choice for you in Star Citizen, I can just see you know, flying around in your 890 Jump from your mansion to help other people.

If you need a wingman in the verse let me know.