And this is my introduction post.

Jolly01 made me do it. You alright! I learned it by watching you!

A pleasure to be among you.


welcome Gyun, I enjoyed our brief chat. you’re always welcome in channel and in the verse with us. always happy to help, so free to contact me.

Hi Gyun,

Welcome to ADI. What Division did you sign on with? Hope to chat with you soon.

Thanks! I appreciate it. See you around I am certain.

Well it was a tough choice since Chris Roberts, may HIS blessed light shine a path through ALL darkness, has inspired me to to, um, invest to such a degree that I could have successfully picked all of them. I defaulted to mining and salvage. That will be, given what little I know, how I spend my casual time and I am geared for it ship-wise.

Still, will strive for certs to be flexible and available to support where/if needed.

What about you?

Hah, I can relate to that! I’m primarily a space trucker, myself. Also a space-bus driver. Also a combat pilot in a pinch. Also… oh never mind, I want to do everything!

Welcome, Gyun!

I see a little space truckin’ in my future as well. Thanks for the welcome!


Welcome to ADI, another jack-of-all-trades I see. That is the profession I am claiming too.

Send me a shout out if you need a wingman or a crew member on one of your ships.

All see you in mumble and in the 'verse.

I originally went with Fleet Sec myself, though I am pretty much in the same boat as you in regard to variety of ships it sounds like.

Hello Gyun, welcome to ADI! I too am an aspiring jack of all trades… though I’d say I have the opposite problem… lol. It’s my fleet that needs to catch up with my interests.

If you’ve got any questions about ADI, please feel free to let us know. PMs are always welcomed here and in Discord. Fly safe, see you around the verse!

Welcome aboard, Gyun! I had a great time chatting with you as you were making your decision about joining us. I am looking forward to seeing you around and flying together at some point. You have made the right choice!

Thanks Brotato!

Welcome to ADI, Well Jolly is pretty sweet, 3.1 is live feel free to jump in mumble always people flying and having a good time

Welcome to ADI Gyun!

Glad to have you and i’m looking forward to flying with you in the verse!

Thanks. Will do!


Welcome Gyun, Well Jolly can be a bit tough but his Marine Training was top notch. I’d highly recommend it if you get the opportunity it’s quite a good bit of fun.