Greetings to all!! Commander Bacara at your service!
Hello, my name is Daniel, I´m from Portugal and I want to salute you all.
Thank you for the invitation, I´m ready and anxious to start flying with all of you.
I play lots other games but RSI SC its more than a game and since my first contact and information about RSI, that I can´t sleep well…and that´s a good sign for a guy like me :smiley: .
I have so many ideas that I hope to share with all of you and I´m here with only one intention that is share all my experience and anything else that could help to develop and create the best game play and community ever!

Forgive me if my English is not correct, I will improve it for sure.

Kind Regards to all
Cmdr. Bacara @k@ Ezra Kenobi

Welcome Aboard!

Make sure you drop an application in the recruitment section. (Read the rules first) and then hop on Mumble and say hi.