Greetings from Galaticc

Clearly I am A Battlestar Galatica fan , but enjoy just about any sci-fi.

Mostly been playing RPG and FPS so still getting to grips with flying, looking forward to seeing you in the Verse.

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Welcome to ADI Galaticc! Huge BSG fan here also, both old and new. Glad to have you with us!

Greeting Galaticc and welcome to ADI with 3.5 just released most of us here will be having to learn to fly again from scratch so its a good time to join up and learn together. See you in the verse!


Nothing wrong with Battlestar Galatica :wink:, Hope see you in the verse.

Welcome aboard Galaticc! ADI is a great place to be. I bought a Herald because it reminded me of a Raptor from BSG. So Say We All!! o7

Welcome Galaticc! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. What ships are you currently flying and area of gameplay that interests you the most? Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome to ADI Galaticc. We’re glad to chose to join us. ADI is an awesome org for backers starting out in the game. We’ve got so many experienced players and the there’s a strong mentoring instinct among them, that you can bank on any question you have being answered quickly and fully. So don’t be shy immerse yourself in all that ADI has to offer. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome to ADI Galaticc! Let me know if you have any questions about flying or need any help!

Welcome to ADI Galaticc :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us.

See you in the Verse!

Good to have you Galaticc.
Good time to get involved as the flight model is new now so you can get used to the new model.
I need to watch Battlestar Galactica, its been on my list for a long time now.
What ship are you flying?
Can’t wait to fly you in the verse!

Heya Galaticc, welcome to ADI. I think you might find several Battlestar fans here. Personally, I think I binge watched the entire thing in like a week when I found out about it a few years ago. Yea, I have no life…

Welcome to Atlas and don’t worry about the flying we’re all learning anew with the 3.5 flight model so crashing and side swipes are the norm for the next few weeks lol

Thanks for all the responses, Battlestar Galatica is the frakking best, so say we all.

Looking forward to getting my skills better as a pilot, I have the Aurora MR, which is totally enough. So at the moment I prefer the idea of Survey Scout, but once I can get my flight skills up to scratch would be cool to graduate to Combat pilot… we can all dream.

So I do have a question, would it be worth moving to dual joysticks? Would it make it easier to fly?
I read about Dual Thrustmaster 16000m joysticks, guessing this would be a good budget choice?

Hey Galaticc; to HOTAS or twin sticks and then how to HOTAS are two of the most common questions posed in these forums. Check out the Technical Support forum for the answer to your question. I don’t use a HOTAS yet so I can’t help you.

Welcome aboard, Galaticc. Survey and Exploration is a great Division to call home (not that I’m biased, of course) but really you can’t go wrong in any of our units. There’s a lot of opinions on dual joysticks, including some forum posts, so have a gander or chat folks up in Mumble. Look forward to flying with you soon.

Welcome Galaticc, Battlestar Galactica is a classic. Hope to fly with ya soon

welcome to ADI galaticc glad to have you with us