Greatings from a new member

Hello all

My name is Ulrik, I’m a 35 yo guy from Denmark, I joined ADL April 5. with the help of Northbridge who was kind enough to introduce my to some of you on mumble. I’m going to be in the Commerce and Cargo sector and I’m looking forward to tons of fun with you guys.

// Rubikan

Welcome to ADI.

Welcome aboard

Greetings new member!

Welcome, newbie myself. I still have to do the Mumble thing though, last few weekends since I joined have just been crazy and no computer time really. This weekend though I’m making sure to log on!!

Please do… we’ll be sure to give you a ride on our Thunderclaw! :slight_smile:




Welcome aboard

Welcome to the fold. Glad I could help you get onboarded

Sorry for the late reply, but Welcome to ADI, I love your country I had visited many times Aarhus in the past.