Graphics issues...

Not sure what to do at this point, getting invites for the Friday night flights but can’t join in the festivities due to serious lag and glitching in game play. Log into the game and can’t get past leaving my quarters due to the game freezing up or game lag. was told it might be my Graphics card but this only game i’m having issues with. Running a Geforce GTX 650 TI w/ AMD Atholon IIx3 455 processor and 16GB ram every other game I play including EVE online (Which has in depth Graphics) runs super smooth I’m at a loss as to what to do. Do I need to upgrade my graphics card again? Hate to abandon this game due to ongoing game play issues any input or suggestions as to what I should do would be greatly appreciated.

Thx White

While the 650Ti isn’t great, its comperable to the AMD 7750 I was running before I replaced it with a 750Ti last year. The bigger choke point is the AMD IIx3 CPU. Anything benching less than a second gen i5 in my opinion isn’t really useably in this game. The specs even state quad core minimum. Once we get toward the end of the beta stage they will start to better optimize the game, but I doubt the CPU requirement will get any less. There are upper limits of what your hardware can accomplish.

All that said, you can dumb down the graphics to improve things. You can create a user.cfg file in your StarCitizen directory among other things. If you want, I can guide you through setting up the user.cfg.


Yea if you could and that helps I’m game but will it effect any of my other games I play? I’ll have to look into upgrading my CPU down the line but hate to do that just for this game. Let me know whens the best time for the walk through. Thx


You’re going to need to upgrade the proc long term, and when you do don’t buy an AMD. $ wise they just can’t out perform the Intel CPU’s for games like this.

Have to agree with JayC, here.

I’m an AMD lover… and I prefer them to Intel… but when it comes to gaming, Intel at the moment is in a better position.

I’ll probably be on mumble tonight between 8-10PM CST. Just hit me up, or if I’m not available just ask in the Pubs and someone will most likely be able to guide you.


OK thx. so I guess I’m looking at upgrading my CPU to an Intel any suggestions on what I should get? Without breaking the bank. and as far as the video card goes can I stick with what I have or upgrade that as well?

You could probably use your card for now, just know it will be the part holding the system back.

As for “not breaking the bank”, it really depends. Buying new intel based hardware, I generally recommend a i5-6600 (boxed not K so it comes with stock cooler), which will also require a new motherboard (prefer Asus Z170-A) and DDR4 RAM. The other big problem is your current Windows install. Windows 7 on 6th gen intel hardware is problematic. Windows 10 works out-of-box. Shop it around and you should be able to get all that for around $400. Buying used might shave $100 or so off, but I don’t think its worth the problems you might inherit.

Alternatively should be able to source on eBay or craigslist a used second-gen i5 or better based PC for under $200, just make sure you can install your DDR3 RAM if it doesn’t have 16GB. Maybe someone on here has suggestions on some good buys.

Either way you go, then replacing the 650Ti with even an AMD 470 or Nvidia 1060 would be a massive improvement in performance.

OK whew…so basically a total revamp. I just replaced the mother board about 2yrs ago along with the proc and Ram the video card I put in last year. I am running windows 7 professional 64bit and the system runs nicely, but it sounds like I’m SOL for the time being money is tight so upgrades will have to wait. My apologizes guys sorry I won’t be able to join in the reindeer games this time around. Thx for all the info :frowning:

Your welcome. Keep in mind we do have other games we play to pass the time until there is more to do in-game. When you get a chance check out the “Other Channels” on our Mumble server.