GraniteHand Intro - Greetings and Beer

Hey everyone, I’m GraniteHand aka T.K. (long story, get me drunk I might tell)

Been quietly backing SC for a while and figured it was about time I got active and see whats coalesced thus far. Looks good and like where its headed. I’m a jack of trades so far in the game to get a feel for things but so far the Constellation and Valkyrie have my biggest attention followed by the Prospector. So i’ll fit somewhere here hopefully and if not then use a crowbar and just beat me into place in the mix. :crazy_face:

Looking forward to getting to know everyone. but give me a day or so to get a new headset for mumble. Mals like to chew all the wrong things as usual. :man_facepalming:


hahaha! Excellent intro! You’re going to do well here. Let us know what you’re most interested in and we can help get you on point for that!

Valk and a Connie eh? I dunno… seems to be a split in your attentions there.

Hi T.K and welcome. You got beer you’re already on my crew short list! I’m sure you’ll be able to find a role in ADI that will fit your playstyle or styles…we have so many options. I have to say I’ve found a new appreciation for the Constellation series with the upcoming “hover” mode flight model…they are nice handling ships. Look forward to meeting and flying with you soon. See you in the Verse!

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Welcome to ADI GraniteHand. Most often I play in my Prospector, but my first love was my Freelancer (MIS). Then I picked up a HOTAS and a Super Hornet so soon I’ll be turning my attention to learning new skills. Guys like us, we’ll fill the holes in the line up. I look forward to running ops with you.

@Nilen I get where your coming from. I guess a better way to clarify my statement is my ability to adapt to team need both on and off the fly, and making it mesh with my play style. I suppose a more pertinent question would be, what do you need and in what capacity or what does ADI need looking at short and long term that I can possibly provide?

Welcome GraniteHand! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome aboard sir TK (which happen to be my Real name initials) I plan to bring shots of alcohol to hear of this wondrous tale. I prefer the use of cattle prod, it leaves no marks. Look forward to seeing you out there.

I was, of course, joking. A thing I still forget does also translate well over text. Long term we plan to do it all, and you should do what you wish to most. Whether it be drop-shipping, prospecting, or cargo hauling.

Welcome aboard GraniteHand! I like the Prospector myself and enjoy mining. Waiting for RSI to get some of the bugs worked out so mining isn’t so buggy again.

i got to say i love the intro. and no worrys im prity sure no onces gona use a crowbar. well pritty sure lol. personaly i prefear the conni but that may be cuese i just upgraded to the andromida ship so i may be biased lol. ok i gota ask is the mals a cat or are you talking about malamutes. ether way i want pics.
seea around the verse

Welcome to ADI GraniteHand, solid handle by the way and thanks for the good intro. You’ve picked a great place to call home in the verse. Look forward to flying with you soon.

Hi GraniteHand, Love the intro and welcome to ADI. Hope to see you in the verse.

Welcome Granite to the org. cant wait till i see you in the verse

A belated welcome aboard to ADI Granite! I have been out due to at home computer issues and real life stuff. It is great to see you as a member and hopefully Atlas will work out to be your Star Citizen home like so many of us!

Hope to see you soon in the verse!