GPU Crash at 100% Power Limit

My iCHILL RTX 3080 started crashing after couple minutes of playing a game, or running Heaven. Black screen, audio still playing, gpu fans at 100%. It can be prevented if I drop power limit to 80%. Temperatures at the time of crash are: GPU 72°c,memory 82°c, Hot Spot 93°c. DDUing GPU driver and reinstalling had no effect. Tested with two power supplies, with and without overclock/undervolt.

That hot spot doesn’t sound great. Have you tried removing the cooler, cleaning all the contact points and re-pasting it with fresh thermal paste? Are your temps at 80% much lower?

I repasted the GPU, good news, the crashes are completely gone, even at 100% power limt, bad news, GPU hot spot reaches 97°c.

The only thing you can do about a hotspot is to lower the temps overall. Your iCHILL is a hybrid AIO with a 120mm radiator?

I’m not familiar with that particular card/cooler but if you can bump the pump speed up a notch or two that might help bring all the temps down. What’s the GPU temp now with the new paste on it?