Got a fast connection at work and slow as all hell at home?

Hi everyone,
With the rapid pace of new patches being pushed out to the PTU over the last few weeks my home broadband connection has been pushed quite hard. Luckily I don’t have any bandwidth caps or anything to worry about, but it’s a fairly slow connection.
I was also aware that my work connection is significantly faster than my home connection. This of course frustrated me, as I cannot install the Star Citizen Launcher on my work machine, especially not when many ports are blocked. So, when I was rooting about in the launcher log I noticed that patch downloading was done via HTTP transfers.
Long story short, after more digging around I discovered that I could make a program that will download all of the files in a patch to a specified location (most likely a USB Flash Drive or other portable storage device) take it home and copy the files into the Star Citizen Folder.
After 3-4 hours of development I can now present to you the following little tool: The Alternative Star Citizen Patch Downloader


  1. Run SCPatchDownloader.exe (after running it through your AV tool of choice of course!)
  2. From the dropdown menu select the release you want to download
  3. Click Selected Versions button
  4. Specify where you wish the files to be downloaded to
  5. Click Download Files
  6. You will see little progress bars appear for each file that the tool starts to download.

Current Limitations:
There is limited resume support offered - Will start downloading after last completed file. (Deletes any partially completed file when the download is cancelled.)
There is minimal documentation - This will be fixed if people have a need for it, but hopefully it is simple enough to use.
There are probably other issues that I have not discovered, but I will update and resolve things as I find them

Enjoy and I will of course remind you, run this through your AV scanner. I am promising that I didn’t put anything nasty in there, but I’m an internet person, so can I really be trusted?

Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

I’ve made a few tweaks and changes since last night, the tool can now prevent itself from falling over after a few bugs were identified and dealt with. (I don’t like to kill things, so instead of smashing them I gently put them under a glass tumbler and put them outside)

That is cool! Guess you weren’t busy at work when you developed it. :laughing:

Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’m just glad I have 100MB connection at home… of course SC limits me to roughly 15 MB/s.

Haha, happily I happened to be starting a programming unit with a senior and junior comp sci class. So used this as a good way of showing them what the senior pupils should be capable of by the time I’m done with them.

In reality they won’t need to be able to download files, but they will be needing to do some reading and writing of files, so I could give them a similar task.

+1 NimmoG!

Thanks buddy!