Gladiator nxt omnithrottle configuration

My strafe thumb stick has developed a mind of its own so I went ahead and ordered a gladiator Omni throttle even though I didn’t really have the money.

Not sure how to configure the throttle though. There doesn’t seem to be a indent when you make forward and back not snap back so trying to make the throttle half forward and half reverse is problematic and I wouldn’t think their would be enough travel for forward anyway. So I will probably do the same as my current throttle and make it all forward with a button to go in reverse. It’s not like I use reverse much anyway.

Another option might be to make forward and back on the joystick snapback to center but don’t really like that option.

What have others who have the same or a similar throttles done?

If I see you on Mumble in the next few days we can chat this up a bit.

Been having similar challenges.

It’s possible that Joystick Gremlin may help - but depends on your situation / preferences.

Spring removed and clutch tightened, y-axis bound to forward only. This replicates a regular hotas throttle.

Analog thumb stick bound to forw/back (using left/right because the stick is sideways).

If you need reverse, throttle to zero and press down with your thumb on the thumb stick. Voila. Also allows you, if you want, to do minor maneuvering (like repositioning in the hangar) with just your thumb.

Now I’m just waiting for it to arrive. Waiting for 3.18 was bad enough.

What does everyone use for push to talk on the joysticks? I use a button on my throttle so I need to find something else. I was thinking the thumb joystick on the throttle since that gives me five options for channels.

I was thinking of remapping this myself.
Not sure yet.
Possibly the pinky button waaay at the bottom of my Virpil Constellation stick.

“Spring removed and clutch tightened, y-axis bound to forward only.” That’s my setup currently as well (I need to tighten the clutch a bit more though) I just moved to this a week or two ago and am redoing all my bindings…

I bound D1 to toggle throttle forward / back (and in VKB config I set it so pushing D1 toggles the blue light to green and back so I can see from light what mode I am in). I also bound Ry ( the analog on A1 PoV) to forward back bot sure which I like better yet still playing with both

“What does everyone use for push to talk on the joysticks?”
In game I bound B1 on right stick to PTT for now…for mumble I’m using Keyboard

How do you bound y-axis to forward only. In star citizen or the joystick config software. Flew out of a docking back, stopped, or so I though. And ended up backing into that bay again at full reverse. Oops

bound in SC config.

two things to this though, First, when you do your calibration in VKB software if you have your joystick all the way back when you start calibration it will between 1 and 32767 not the full 65k, so you end out with really only half the movement, so then if you bind Y Acis to “Throttle forward / back” you will have forward only as all the way back is essentially 0. but, this is not what I did.

if you calibrate with throttle close to centre to start then it calibrates full range as normal. This is what I have I then have Y-Axis bound do “Throttle forward” in the ingame bindings, and “Throttle forward/back” bound to y-Axis Rotation (which is the up/down on A1 when you toggle from PoV to axis mode), I also bound Button 5 (AKA D1) to “Strafe Forward Back Invert”

Also, this was the setting I did in VKB config to make the light toggle when hitting D1 button:

Thanks for the info. I set throttle forward to y-axis but when I do, pushing throttle forward from center seems to go full speed forward and pulling it back from center goes half speed forward. I think it was in center position when I calibrated but don’t think that’s the problem anyway.

Have throttle back linked to a button since it’s very rare that I would need to go backwards to line up for landing, etc.

Will you be on any today so I can chat?

Again- for those who experience the abrupt failure with your Forward/Backward throttle inversion settings:

It appears you may have to forego constantly reloading your saved SC mappings. This throttle WILL occasionally “refuse” that and remain with SC’s default inversion.

So, you may want to simply reverse the throttle in the Omni’s software.
I’m doing this today.
Further problems aren’t just effing infuriating, they could translate failing your teammates / mission failure.

Here’s another question. Do yall have the y axis/side to side locked down? Starting to wonder if it would be nice to use for side strafe.

I seem to have solved my throttle issue without trying. And I went ahead and setup side to side strafe and like it a lot.

Moved to tech support.

Locking x-axis movement sort of defeats the point of the Omni.

Y-axis = throttle forward
X-axis = left/right strafe
Twist = up/down strafe
Thumbstick in analog mode = forw/back strafe (for reverse)

Yes, aside from thumbstick got that all set up and I like. Will probably try the thumbstick setting, though I was thinking about making it a mouse and turning my other joystick thumbstick into a hat. Was wanting access to more targeting options.

Can you set the thumbstick to give you a slow movement instead of full speed?

By setting in game curve for the thumb stick axis in Controls to 3.00 you’ll get decent find control around center.

Cool, thanks. Loving the throttle though the head tracking has moved even further down the line.