Get Mumble overlay to show up in Star Citizen

I know many of you have been looking for this, and the overlay of Mumble is simply not working with the current client of Star Citizen.

One workaround to this problem is to use a “dummy” process and enforce Mumble to show the overlay. If you use Windowed mode or FullScreen Windowed, you should still be able to see the names. I’m not sure about FullScreen. The downside is that it will display the overlay on your desktop as well, on your web browser, everywhere (it’s like a “layer” added on your screen).

Here is the link to the source of the people that created this: … ndowed-fix

It works for me, hopefully should work for everybody. If you worry about the security of this “dummy” program, you can analyze it. Use it at your own discretion, I do NOT guarantee that it is safe to use it and I haven’t contributed to its creation.

The issue at hand is mumble not having proper support for Directx 11 in current stable version (due to some legal issues apparently).

Upcoming mumble version 1.3.0 has proper support implemented and overlay shows up correctly (confirmed myself). For the impatient ones - you can download nightly mumble build from (Development Snapshot column in Download Mumble section).

Please make note those might be highly unstable versions and you can expect bugs and crashes every now and then.

EDIT: It is not advised to try and install 1.3.0 snapshot alongside stable version. Though it is possible, installing version 1.3.0 will replace all automatically created shortcuts and you will be required to recreate stable version shortcuts manually.