General hotas question

I’m thinking about getting a hotas and I’m wondering whether the throttle is all forwards thrust, or whether there’s a middle position that is zero thrust and then forwards / backwards for thrust forwards and backwards?

Specifically thinking of getting the X56.


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You can configure it that way, I usually have it with thrust forward with a toggle button to thrust reverse.

Thank you!

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I have the x56 and love it. Like Teufelhunden says the typical setup for this hotas involves a toggle (either up or down under the left ring finger).
However, I use the thumb stick on the joystick as forward and backward. It’s quite sensitive and it works well for me.
The issue with the 56 is that there’s no point in the throttle which tells you that you’re in the centre position (no change in movement or feeling). I’ve no doubt that with practice you’ll find that spot and be able to do it with muscle memory.
Last year a noted a 3d printed attachment that could be used for just such a function. It could be worth looking into that. All the best and let me know how you get on!

This is it… It’s called a detent (I’ve no idea why)

Above is not actually the one I seen last year as the guy was selling them. Might be worth a look in eBay.
I was having an issue with my HOTAS when I got it. It was lifting up off of the desk (I don’t want to screw it down into my very expensive oak corner desk). I went to my local sheet metalist and they made me 2 bespoke 10mm steel plates with corresponding screw holes which they sprayed black. Needless to say they didn’t move once I attached those but I worried about scratching the desk and so bought a couple of mouse mats then stuck them in to the bottom using rug grippers.
I also found the spring in the stick wasn’t resistant enough (I got my setup off of Facebook for a steal and there was only one available). I found a local spring manufacturer and he made me two custom springs with the perfect amount of tension (and he didn’t charge me).

Thanks, I picked up a second hand one today and I’ve already switched to a toggle for forward & reverse thrust.

Now I’m slowly and painfully working my way through bindings…


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If you Google “x56 star citizen”, there’s s guy on spectrum that keeps a loadout up to date. I find it easier to copy in his then change from there.
I find ptt the most difficult thing but I recently bought pedals that will do the job.

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