Gameglass and StreamDeck Alternative - PanelsApp for Tablet

So I just saw this topic on Discord so decided to post here for all to see an update. I recently found this while searching for alternatives to GG. I ran across the streamdeck but the hardware it a tad steep, then I finally landed on this reddit post.
It seems to work pretty well so far, I guess the main con is that the layout is locked down and may take some work to alter it, altho I have not attempted it so I can’t speak to that.

It works with iOS and android, however I use it on a Chromebook Plus since it can run android apps. To test I just set it on the side of my desk but I’m looking at laptop/tablet mounts for a more comfortable experience.

All it takes is a few bucks for the app license, worth a shot if you’re searching for the same thing.

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I actually happened to set it up earlier today. Worked pretty well. I used it on my Android phone. Im just not sure what all the buttons do.