Game Packages & NPC's

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone could help with confirming how this works. I am interested in a few packages and wanted to know if you get an npc with the first package you buy or npc’s only become “active” once you have more then one package? What is the limit of npc’s that you can have?

AS it seems that buying a package is better over buying a standalone ship due to acquiring an npc…


You don’t get any “helpers” at present.

You’ll have to search RSI’s website for the information - but there’s the potential to hire NPC’s, in the full release of the game. Just not while it’s in Alpha.

Ok, i didn’t expect to get npc’s in the alpha due to still in developement and npc’s more then likely not coded but just wondered if anyone knew for future ref and prep for the game :slight_smile:

to add to the answer if memory serves correct I believe that the extra game packs will act as npcs although you would still have to pay them. the advantage they have hinted at is that you will be able to control their skills closer. then again it has been a while since they mentioned it and everything is subject to change.