Game of thrones S5

Hey! Is there any Game of Thrones fan here? Season 5 premiere tonight!

There are the 5 first episodes that leaked I believe, if you’re in a hurry to watch 'em all :wink:.

:open_mouth: run, leaving a dust cloud behind

Hear hear! I’m avoiding the leaked ones though - only SD and the masochistic side of me will enjoy dragging it out. (plus I’ve read the books, so I already know most of it).

HUGE Fan of Game of Thrones! Looking forward to the Season Opener tonight!

An enjoyable start to the season though not as many deaths as I’d imagine but the season is still young!

Read all the books years ago before it came to HBO. Was excited beyond belief when I saw trailers for the first episode!! I knew the Red Wedding was coming before my friends (my wife still hates George RR Martin for killing them). Now the show has caught up with “A Dance With Dragons”. I have the book but haven’t started it yet. This season I think I want to be surprised so I’ll wait until the end to read the book.

Ahah! x) I still hate him too for the red wedding.

I have read all the books, but I kind of skip a few pages after that damn wedding. And I don’t remember a lot from what I had read, so it’s going to be a surprise for me too xP