Game Crashing and Lost All Cargo


I know the game is still in development but it will crash one me at least once a session. Is anyone else getting this problem? Last time it crashed I was carrying a full cargo bay in a Freelancer and lost all the cargo, is there a way to get the in game money back for the lost cargo ?


Are you using 3.3 or ptu 3.3.5?


I am using 3.3


Got a response back from RSI, no help from them just don’t put all eggs in one basket. Oh well an update will be coming soon.


Yeah, stability comes and goes from patch to patch. Servers for both LIVE and PTU were fairly unstable over the weekend as they were trying to fix issues with latest PTU patch. (CIG really wants to try to get it out to LIVE before the Free Fly Weekend).

Our Mumble server or the #orgchat channel on our Discord server are good places to discuss such things in real time. There are usually a few of us in game, and there are a lot of well known but not well documented issues they can pass on.


keep your eye open for the “press [ to enter previous instance”.

It is possible, but not reliable, to recover from the game crash.

Otherwise be careful about putting all your credits into cargo.

Also, for me, most crashes happen now going into or leaving Quantum Jump.

It seems to usually happen the first time of a play session, so I make sure to quantum somewhere in any random ship before I go to haul half my bankroll.

The other day in 3.3 I sold a prospector’s hold worth of ore for 17,500. If you have access to that you might want to go for mining instead of hauling.

You can still loose your time and gains, but you can’t go negative in your savings.

Good luck!


Thanks guys, Yea I think I will see about mining to try and build credits. Hauling, when it works (unless I am carry drugs) doesn’t make a whole lot of currency and has the problem of game crash and the loss of credits with the cargo. I will look at what mining ship(s) are worth picking up and may have to ask for some advice on how to use it correctly.


Not sure what Credit balance you are starting out with, but hauling cargo on your own investment requires capital to make good gains.

Unless you’re dealing drugs, you will probably be profiting 10% or less on your purchase per run.

So if you can get 100k credits in your hold it is the fastest way to earn for sure.

If you can only invest 5k it is not much faster than any random mission, with the risk of loss. If you can string some missions together, or are lucky enough to grab say 3 missions for finding the same wreck (find specific guy, find all crew, find black box), then I think that is the way to go at the start.

I think I have access to the Prospector (small mining ship) because I bought the Vulture (small salvage ship), but the latter isn’t available yet.

Your specific likelihood to crash and individual enjoyment and performance obviously gives you some more variables to consider.

3.4 reset will allegedly come before the new year.

Good luck, fly safe.