Full Scale P52


I’m currently building a 1/2 scale semi truck with my son. We are sculpting the body with Styrofoam which we plan to encase in fiberglass and then mount it on a lawn tractor. (similar project youtube.com/watch?v=YXwUjDh31TY )

I was thinking the other day about doing a full scale P52 when we are done with the semi-truck. We won’t mount the P52 on a tractor engine, but it sure would be cool to put in on a trailer and bring it to a future CitizenCon (maybe 2017).

We’ll also need a hanger or space to work on it since its about 40’ long (12 meters). If you are located in Minneapolis and would be interested in working on it or have a space please let me know.

Also, if anyone has experience with fiberglassing and other large modeling or construction skills I may want to ping you for feedback on design and plans from time to time.

Do you the P52 Mustang or the P52 Merlin?

The WWII aircraft was the P51 Mustang.

The in-game Merlin

Ok i got some pictures of the mustang on google for P52 so i was mislead

Very cool. Unfortunately im living in the middle of germany. But im nterested in WiP pictures