Fuel goes from max to zero after 1 jump

After a Quantum Jump my ship is out of both hyrdogen and quantum fuel even when it was full at the start.

The ship is undamaged as i have had to reclaim it due to this bug at least twice now (once i expidited for 5k), once i exit Quantum Drive i have no fuel for either engine.

The ship i have is a FreeLancer Max, i was hoping to use it as a cargo ship for the mining operation i which to learn but the above bug keeps stranding me in orbit?

Is his a known issue or am i doing something wrong.

I have put in a Military grade powerplant and quantum drive but the bug was occuring before i put these items in place, i am now fairly broke due to it and was kind hoping the mining would balance the books and help me upgrade the shield next.

Thanks for any help



looking on the time of your post, you mostly encountered this Bug during the drop of 3.19 yesterday? When a new Patch drops, in the hours before and after the patch, we saw some strange behaviours and it could be a one time bug.

If this happens more often to you, please report this bug on the Issue Council on the CIG Website:
First search, if someone already had this issue:

if you are the first one, open a new Report:

If you have an issue council ID for this problem, you can post a link to this specific report in our #issue_council Channel in Discord, so people can try to replicate the issue and upvote your report:

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