Friendly reminder to grab a Pisces with LTI for future

Hello all,

Just a friendly reminder for those who haven’t already seen this covered before.

If you have the ability to purchase a Pisces ($40)
Go ahead and do so.

They currently come with LTI (unsure of how long that will continue)

And you can melt it toward any other ship you’d like and the LTI is transferred to that ship.

I did so with my Cutlass, and as well, today I purchased the Prospector, Dragonfly and another Pisces LTI

With the IAE going on currently you’ll get 10 years of insurance on most ships during this promotion which is nearly as good as LTI

However not every ship will have the IAE available and if there is a ship you’re looking to save up for far in the future, having $40 toward it and LTI to put into that high value ship is A++

Sorry to anyone who has already learned this, practiced this, read this etc.

I send my live to my brothers and sisters of ADI


FYI Act now to get free 10 year insurance on almost all ships you already own! ENDS December 5th

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