Friday Flight Night pics ;)

Rush, Panther, Darkmyth, and myself give the Vanddul hell :wink:

Awesome pics! :slight_smile:

Just wondering if you have done any post processing to smooth out aliasing or if you are using hardware aliasing as although I’ve got a good card. I’m sure they don’t look as smooth as these “jaggies” wise! :wink:

Just straight pics. In game. Im happy they look like they do considering. GTS450, 4g ram, 2.1ghz quadcore.

Cool, thanks for the reply.

Last night I was watching my team mates in the spectator mode and they do indeed look as good as these :slight_smile: hardly any “jaggies” either. I wish the hangar was like that :wink:

I think whilst playing you don’t get to “take it all in” :wink: lol