Franklin1k ready to sign up

I bought a new computer to play Star Citizen with a friend. What a great choice! I want to join in the mining division. I was a clan officer in Naval Action game. Enjoyed it. So, can I move some rock?

Welcome to Atlas and congrats on the new PC! Had to upgrade my old one till pretty much the only thing left overs the power strip to play this game. Moving rocks eh? Mining IS the most lucrative aspect of the game at the moment so get out there and have fun!

When I apply on the website this happens

Welcome, @franklin1k!

Good plan! I think the mining division is great! They have a lot of events you can join in, too! If you are new to mining, the division members are very helpful and can probably give you some tips!

Were you able to join? The error message looks like you need to log in. Maybe try logging out, logging in again and joining. Please let us know if you need any help!

yep, I had to sign in on RSI website. All is good. thanks

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I was a clan officer in Naval Action game.

Neat, I hadn’t known about that one - will have to check it out, looks fun. Scratch my Sid Meier’s Pirates / AC Black Flag itch with a little more authentic touch.

Glad you got past your authentication issue - look forward to chatting and flying with you! :man_pilot:
Mining is definitely one of those activities that’s more fun in a group - if you’re looking to get a toe in, the ROC and Cutlass Black combo is pretty cheap with in-game money and very versatile.

hey @franklin1k . see you havent been onboard yet, but keep joining the Mumble server. If no one gets to you shortly, hit me up with a Private Message and we can square that away. or at least schedule a meet up for a later date/time.

That combo looks great. I am trying to get out of the Aurora MR into a Titan Avenger first. I have flown as a passenger in a cutlass black. So many ship and so few credits! When can I get my interview in mumble?

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