Found a song for those of us lost drifting in space

If you are ever out in space and your ship breaks down, blows up or one of a thousand other bad things happens to leave you drifting in oblivion, just listen to this for a little bit MAYDAY (feat. Laura Brehm) By TheFatRat. I found it while working on my playlist for those times I point my Carrack at the horizon and just put a brick on the gas pedal (Figuratively speaking)


I like it!

Nice… here is another collection I like

And this one too for more creepy atmo

Very nice. Very uplifting for some reason D: Sweet vocals

im liking it

I figure the next song list I work on is a Space Truckin one, cause you know every space trucker needs their song list.

Also if anyone else has any suggestions please feel free to post them, always looking for new artists/pieces to check out and add to my song lists. I honestly hope one day they add a way to run like a radio station or radio company, where you set up a relay network to broadcast music that players can tune into via their ships comm relay, with ways to make UEC from either subscriptions or ads about players selling their services as a way to get them noticed, like rescue teams and such. You could also broadcast real time in game news perhaps even use the news ships to get live feeds of major fleet battles and such.