Hello fellow pilots, frenchy83c here. first like to say thank you for accepting me. I come from eve online played since 2008. as a miner and indy. I will be going into the mining side of the org. a little about me I served 12 years in the army and had 3 deployments to (2)Iraq and (1) afghan. And I’m 34. I play all kinds of games mostly space sims.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Frenchy!

Thank you for taking the time this afternoon to do your onboarding with me, it was good getting to know a bit about you. I look forward to shooting some asteroids out in the verse with you!

Greetings and welcome to ADI frenchy83c.

Hope you have been having a wonderful week so far. I can’t wait for the weekend. I am sure you are excited about 3.0 as we all are. If only it would come out sooner. I have been playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 to pass the time until it comes. Have a wonderful rest of the day and talk to you soon.

Hello Frenchy. Welcome to ADI. I had a good time chatting with you on spectrum today.

Your EVE experience should serve you well here in SC. Hopefully you can add to our Mining and Salvage division and help ADI extract the most essential materials for our survival. I’m not in that division, but I’m sure you’ll see me around doing some mining as well.

Glad to have you on board. Let me know if you have any questions or need someone to fly with.

Hi Frenchy83c,

Welcome to ADI. Thank you for your service. It’s great to have you with us. We have many military members in ADI. That also great that you’re into space sims. I’m sure that will help as you play SC. I look forward to seeing you around. Be sure to hop in mumble and get to know some of the members, and check out the calendar for events. All the best

Welcome to ADI Frenchy!

Good to see more Blue Collar Miners coming aboard, and I’ll look forward to offering you Security within the Verse! You keep me fueled, I’ll keep you alive… Deal? Good.

I’m Lexton, if you have any questions about the Org or the Verse… please feel free to find me within Mumble when I’m on, or PM me personally here on the Forums. I’m glad to see you joined the ADI, and I look forward to flying for you within the verse.

Again, Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to ADI frenchy83c! I served in the Army for 4 years and am a retired eve miner so I know you will fit right in here with us! I look forward to getting to know you. See you around the 'verse!

welcome to ADI frenchy83c all of your experience will come in handy with SC and ADI mining will be a great way to keep the org running and the money flowing when the game goes live if you have any questions feel free to ask anytime I will see you around