Flight JoyStick

Hey everyone!
I currently have a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick but still haven’t tried it on Star Citizen. Anyone else has it? And, if yes, is it any good for SC? Should I upgrade it to a better one?

I am not sure how good it is or isn’t but the X52 Pro is a good entry level but not to entry level HOTAS setup that came recommended to me by our leadership.

Used a 3D pro for the first few months here. It was good enough to get a feel for it, but a real HOTAS is probably best to fully “enjoy” the flight model.

When the Z rotation switch broke from heavy use, I replaced it with an X52. That is what I use today.


Thanks! I will look into getting one! I’m not sure though, as it is quite expensive!

By the way, how about Track IR? Is it useful on SC?

Nice to have, as I understand it. Your more dedicated flight sim guys swear by TrackIR. However, if it comes down to money, and choice between a better HOTAS or HOTAS+TrackIR, get the better HOTAS.

I bought my X52 (non-pro) 2 years ago. If I had to do it over again for the same money, I’d get a Thrustmaster T16000m. It has good reviews, and build quality seems decent for the money. The X-52 has power issues and can be touchy with some USB ports. After lots of trial-n-error the only way I got consistent response out of my X-52 was running through an old USB 2.0 hub (powered or not).

If your looking for something between that and the Warthog ($400+), I think the Logitech X-56 is probably the only worthwhile option. The main downside in my opinion with the X52 or T16000m is fewer controls. I have every control on my X-52 programmed to do something in Star Citizen, and I still have to use the keyboard for many functions.

Yup!! I’ve been researching and I’ll get the Thrustmaster T.16000m FCS Hotas + Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Pack. My friends from Falcon BMS really recommended them to me as well. I might get a track IR or a VR Headset. I’ll think of that later on.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for the precious help :slight_smile:


the T16000m is quite okay, i am using it in a dual stick setup for flying at the moment (you can easely convert the T16000m to a left hand stick and use two sticks in the SC Setup), the dead spot in the middle of the stick is a littlebit to big for my opinion, maybe i will replace my right Stick with a different stick in the future.

I just invested some bucks in buying a voice attack (i know, there are some open source tools, but i like the orion pack by william shatner). With VA, i control my Power Level Setups for Shields, Target Lock for missles and my countermeasures, so i freed some buttons on my stick and could use it for other commands (like a push to talk button for mumble on my left hand stick)



I did not know about voice attack! Thank you so much!!!