Fleet Security Meeting (Important)

Fleet Security Guys, I need to know when we all can get together (this month please) and establish a day to cover advanced objectives for the end of this year into spring 2015. Reply to this ASAP! Please, I need to know y’all. Thanks!

I’m pacific time zone. Later evenings for me are usually good.

nov 10-14 are good for me cst.

You looking to do a whole day?

Negative, just at least 30 minutes of y’alls time to go over objectives.


even though I just joined Fleet Sec, as long as it is before the 17.th and not on Thursday, I’m pretty much avaible anytime. After the 17.th, I can in the Evening, ( around 21:30 CEST).


Id like to attend the meeting if possible, even though Im not FS.

After talking with JayC, we came to the conclusion that after the staff meeting next week would be the best time to conduct the meeting. It will not take long at all, maybe 30 minutes at most. We will go over advanced directives for the end of this year into about spring next year, also there will be some leadership positions opening up and some reorganizing taking place and I want to let y’all in on it. If you cannot make it, message me and I’ll give you the notes. Thanks!

You are more than welcome to attend.

Most Saturdays work for me.

im good almost any day after 4pm central time.