FIZBANE (new prospect)

Greetings to all, just got into the Star Citizen 'verse (after much researching and reviewing for the past couple of months (albeit, years)).

Greetings Fizbane, welcome to our forum. Have you gotten to chat with any of us on Mumble yet? You should jump on when you can and chat with us. What aspects of game play are you interested in? What professions do you think you’d like to pursue? If you have any questions please let us know, feel free to PM me.

Hello Fizbane and welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! now’s the time to dig in, get some training, and find a place to call home, things are getting interesting and there’s lots to do, so jump on Mumble and be social, see you in the Verse’

Hello Fizbane, welcome!

Hi Fizbane,

Welcome to ADI! There sure is a lot of Star Citizen info floating around, and it can take a while to sort through it all. I’m sure you probably have already, but you might want to look at the roadmap to see what we should be getting our hands on this year. Hope to see you in mumble and the verse soon.

Welcome to ADI, Fizbane! We should be seeing a lot more progress in the game this year and it’s great that you can be here with us to experience and test it. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Fizbane. I am excited by all the changes on the horizon for Star Citizen, and I’m sure some of those changes maybe something you will find interesting as well. The roadmap they put out is a great way to see what is coming soon and how far they have made in getting it done. I look forward to seeing you in the verse.

Fizbane, welcome.

Nice talking with you. Sorry again nobody is available to complete your onboarding at 05:00 zulu, but I hope by tomorrow you will be in our amazing organisation.

Welcome to ADI :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

Welcome Fizbane! Can I call you Fiz, for short lol? Anyway, welcome! It was great briefly talking to you when you came in mumble, are you former military by any chance? When you said “Pogey Bait”, my spidey senses pinged a little haha.

Morning! Sure enough on all accounts. Retired Army, 23yrs. Still associated with the services as I am a DAC (Dept of the Army Civilian).

Welcome to ADI Fizbane glad you joined us I look forward to flying with you see you around.

Welcome ADI, that’s one of things I absolutely love about star citizen is all the other content. I definitely think it’s can be a great game it’s already quite a bit of fun and there’s always people looking to fly and have a good time feel free to jump in mumble. If you’re new to the game could be a little intimidating please ask questions people are super nice and always looking to help you get started.

Thanks a bunch