Finding servers

I keep hearing how folks “switch servers” to get with other people. How do you do that? I have just always logged in and was assigned a server.


Usually when people talk about switching servers to be with people whom they know, it just means either:

  1. Using the in-game friends list (right-clicking on a specific name) to join that person’s server; or
  2. Forming a party in the main menu and subsequently having the party leader launch the PU to ensure that everyone gets on the same server.
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To elaborate on Thaeus’s thing, anyone on your friends list you can right-click in the main menu before you join a server and see how many people are on their server. If there’s space, you can join them from that same right-click menu.

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Good habit to get into to build your friends list is get on mumble when you play and add everyone you see in the gaming channel as a friend. You can do it at the main menu or using Spectrum on the RSI website. Once you start to populate a friends list it will show who’s online. You can join on them directly by right clicking their name and choosing the server they are on.

Like already pointed out, you can also meet up on the Main Menu, form a party, and party launch onto the same server.

First step is building that friends list full of active members.

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