Failure To Launch Star Citizen

Launcher loads up fine, Click Launch, Gives red box Saying failed to launch and recommends to verify files. same process repeats.

Pc Specs

GPU Nvidia 960m

ram 16gb

CPU i7 4720hq 2.60ghz 4core

windows 10 home v1903

(not my Pc, its on my fiancee’s)

While the specs are borderline (esp. the GPU), it “should” run. I’d first suspect firewall/antivirus software. Just to rule it out, you can temp disable such and see if it successfully runs.

Side note, an SSD could make a big difference. Combined with the already marginal GPU and low CPU clock speed, a non-SSD could make the game nigh unplayable on the system anyway.

thank you! will post back here with result

Looks like a laptop from the GPU and CPU, running SC on that setup is questionable at best and likely a lost cause.

Both of you guys are very correct, we got it to work after a “optional” windows update and the main menu lags too much even after lowering all settings haha, so we are sourcing her a decent budget pc now haha

Use the #tech_talk channel on Discord to get very good help picking out parts!

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