F7C Hornet Upgrading

I have a stack of UEC laying about. I’m thinking of upgrading my Hornet via voyager direct. Need advice on what people think to get the max damage out of it.
robertsspaceindustries.com/pled … olo-viewer

I’m a fan of buying the turret mount and using four revenants, to me it’s hilarious and shreds through ships when I fought (but this was all back in 2.6)

What does the turret mount do for a 1 seat ship?

robertsspaceindustries.com/elec … 60f-Turret It allows you to put two more weapons onto the center alignment of your ship. I myself am fond of the quad-revenant strategy simply because it’s so satisfying to watch it and -especially- hear it going.

robertsspaceindustries.com/elec … s-Revenant , though this requires a special mount instead. So when I’m feeling cheap or I just want the turret mount I generally do laser rifles/repeaters (though it’s not as satisfying as the revenant for me). Now mind you this is all just my personal opinions and my interest in both what kinda weapons I want to use and aesthetics, I am sure there are much-much-much better load-outs out there for the hornet that are far from whatever ‘this’ is. xD

But I can tell you for a matter of a fact that quad-revenants will utterly destroy NPC/AI ships in seconds, no questions asked. Against players…it would probably be a really bad idea, unless they’re bad or easy to hit? >_>

A side note— though this information is probably outdated since 2.6>>3.0, but the Ghost is the most maneuverable of the hornet ships along with having the best detection quality/chances (it’s hard to find/track). While the Super Hornet has higher weapon power, two seats (extra help), and the strongest shields.

Thanks for all the info.

From what I’ve been told the Ghost got a pretty big Nerf in 3.0 and beyond. I would stick with a Super Hornet, all around great brawler, close second to me is the Sabre (Not raven)