Europe, and ADI

Id’e Like to know how many EU plays we have in the ORG?
If EU please let us know.

I’m EU and there are quite few of us. This video we made a little more than a year ago shows the relative size of european membership compared to other regions. I don’t have the numbers right now, but I would expect the proportions to be relatively similar today.

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Approximately 1,600 EU members.


Hi I’m new and UK based, please feel free to message me if you want to game.


I’m a UK based noob.


I’m based in Norway. Pretty busy, but shoot me a message on the weekends and i might be able to join.

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o7 from the Netherlands. Recently picked up SC again and enjoying it.


Thanks for the replies , wow 1,600 members. now that’s more than cool…
I’ll add all the names here if that’s ok?

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Of course, go ahead and add away. Playing together is what we are all about, we are an org after all.

Just hop on mumble, we have people playing most EU times except early in the morning, and work days EU time.

Sure thing, the more the merrier!

I thought Mumble was for org stuff and the discord was for playing or have I missed something, would’t be the first time … :woozy_face:
Numberred I can’t find you to add ya!

Hi Mac, whats your RSI handle? The only Mac I found is German.

Seams to be imacz

Found you. :smile:

Cool, and no I was not with your GF lol…


All of our voice chat is on Mumble.

Discord is only for text chat.

Ok that’s good to know … Thanks !

Don’t know why but I thought Discord was for in game and mumble was for Exec and so planning.

Hey @iMacz add me up all you like. There’s my introductory post that has my steam details, feel free to add me up. TLDR. I’m a newb. Help me :joy:

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