Esoj11 Intro

Hello everyone. I appreciate the invite on RSI! I am Esoj11. Little bit about myself: I am a Marine(separated in 2015 but once a Marine always a Marine oorah!) I am 26 years old with a beautiful wife and son and daughter on the way. I’ve always enjoyed gaming and am big into all things astronomy. That is why I enjoy space sims. My experience with this genre is through playing Elite: Dangerous. I became a pretty damn good combat and transport pilot on that game but it was lacking something. I think this game fulfills what that game was lacking as the first day playing just blew me away. I also play other games on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Mainly right now is Pokemon Sword and NBA2k20. I look forward with playing with you guys!


Welcome to ADI esoj11, great to have you in the organisation. ED is definitely a really nice game, but I know what you mean, just by spending a little time in Star Citizen you can easily get lost in the possibilities that this game will throw our way - I’ve been watching the Prison gameplay today from the Citizencon 2049, and just that aspect of gameplay will bring the bounty hunting mechanic that so many people have been crying out for across space games such as ED and Eve. Looking forward to seeing you in The Verse!

Welcome to ADI @esoj11. I haven’t served in the military but I am a LEO and have a step son who is a marine so I appreciate you and glad you are with us. I tried to get into ED but it didn’t hold my attention. I am fascinated by Star Citizen and has become the only game I really play anymore. It still blows me away. See you in the game.

@esoj11, welcome aboard the ADI family. Congrats on the soon to be addition to the family unit. You’ve come to SC at a great time with so much happening. If your bread & butter is combat & transport then you’ll be in for some great treats both now and the near future. Looking forward to seeing you in The Verse!

Welcome to ADI Esoj11, and thank you for your service. You’ll find no shortage with currently serving and veteran servicemen among our ranks. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome to ADI and congratulations on the growing family! Hope to play together in the next Org Op! :slight_smile:

Hello, Esoj. Welcome on the flight deck and good to have you in the team. I hope to see you in the verse one day.