Ensuring Success

Every time the devs make a move, they get a lot of unnecessary hate, for almost no reason. Forums every ware are filled with hate on this game recently, usually based on ill founded arguments, bull$#%&, and general neglect to do research. The main reason i’m posting this here is because this looks like a great organization, and id hate to see it die before the game even launches because the universe might die before it starts if all the forums on every site are filled with hate, it generally gives most people doing research into the game a bad first impression. Basically what i’m saying is that i encourage everyone who sees posts founded on BS, to register on what ever forum it is and destroy the argument.

Typically using one response as follows covers almost every troll

  1. Smash their concerns with facts.
  2. Anticipate responses and destroy them following each point.
  3. Site examples both or in game and what the term is.
  4. Dont be afraid to use slightly stronger words, this typically makes them not necessarily insecure but they typically stop trying against someone who’s gonna make them look dumb.

Not one of my best examples but http://www.pcgamesn.com/star-citizen/not-everyones-a-fan-of-star-citizen-s-ship-rental-system

I think most of the nonsense are from a vocal minorty. Since they’re around 700000 people backing this game currently. And maybe a few thousand are complaining.

Na man i disagree. Let that population got worked up by themselves. No point in fueling someone to talk more by arguing.

Do. Not. Feed. The Troll. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. Facts are not facts when talking with a troll.

I agree with “not feed the trolls” approach… Now if a person is being negative about the game in a civil manner, then providing that person with factual information is a good thing, but “haters” will always be with us on every new game, because the Trolling is their form of entertainment, not gaming.

The do not feed the trolls approach is always good, but i’m just basing this post on the fact that if a page is 100% negative about the game new people are far less likely to join up. My main reason for thinking this is the fact that I’ve heard many people say they’ve never tried a game because all the reviews on forums. Basically, what i;m saying is 1 positive post in a forum of negativity helps.