Hi all

I am EnochAlpha, been playing SC for a while on and off. Most nights playing the StarMarine module. I also occasionally play Elite Dangerous.

Hope to be part of a great team!


Hello EnochAlpha. Welcome to ADI. I had a good time chatting with you today on mumble.

Very nice to hear that you’ve got a couple ships and have some good plans for getting started in the verse. Perhaps when 3.0 comes around we can finally use our cargo ships and start making some space cash. If you need a turret gunner for that Freelancer let me know.

Hey Enoch!

Welcome to the org! Would love to meet you in Star Marine sometime shortly, looking forward to seeing you around!

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries EnochAlpha!

It was good getting to know you a little bit during the onboarding today. I look forward to running some cargo with you in the verse!

Thank you all for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome Aboard Enoch!

We always need some good Marines :smiley: I can’t play star marine worth any salt that isn’t consider ‘Bait’. So I might snag you for some onboard protection when I get my CAP :slight_smile:

Again Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries!

Hey Enoch

Welcome to ADI. Let’s play some starmarine together! You will probably have to carry me but still always nice to play with others. Hope to see you around!


Hi EnochAlpha,

Welcome to ADI! It’s great you’re joining us. Star Marine is awesome, that’s great you have some experience with it so far. Your experience with Elite Dangerous will prove useful to SC as well I’m sure. This is an especially exciting time to join ADI as 3.0 is right around the corner. I’m looking forward to seeing you around and getting to know you more. Once 3.0 comes out I’ll be more intentional about playing Star Marine and such so maybe we can touch base and play together if you see me on mumble. All the best

Welcome to ADI it will be nice to have some marine backup at SPK looking forward to seeing you in game.

Hi Lexton

Sounds Good :slight_smile: Always happy to help out! :slight_smile: See you in the verse.

Hi MasterYoung

Sure anytime, We can carry each other! There is already some Marines out there which is stupendously good!
I try to get on during the evenings UK time.

Not sure if the contacts thing work yet in Star Marine but will add you :slight_smile:


Hi Brahk

Thanks will do! Cant wait until 3.0 is released.

Welcome! Glad you decided to join too.

welcome to ADI EnochAlpha, Hey from what I have seen the marine division runs a tight operation, real pros. see you in the PU :slight_smile:

Hello EnochAlpha,

welcome to ADI.
Join us in discord or mumble if you have any questions or just want to share your experience and adventure with us in SM or in the PU. Take care there outside and see you soon around the bar at port olisar after your mission.